Born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, this 35 year-old multi-talented young woman, Tiffany brings more to the table than one could imagine.
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Born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, this 35 year-old multi-talented young woman, Tiffany brings more to the table than one could imagine.

As a young adult, Tiffany was admitted to Montclair State University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with a concentration in drawing. Drawing has been one of her favorite hobbies from the early stage of her life. She started the art of drawing from the age of one; having had a wonderful father and artist who taught her a lot about this specialty of art. As a born artist, she continued to improve on her hobby by going to school for art and drawing portraits, as well as commissioned pieces for her teachers and her friends. As part of her artistic destiny, she would airbrush, paint murals and even draw graffiti designs. Even now as an adult, she still ventures into pottery. Her participation in the arts continued to grow further as she was involved in various activities such as being part of a Hip-Hop Dance Troupe, as well as gaining membership to Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc. where her smooth movements were utilized as a part of their step team.

It wasn’t until her 21st birthday that Tiffany was introduced to tattooing, another wonderful aspect of the arts. A tattoo machine, given to her by her father, was what helped her begin her adventure into this new style of art. A year later, she worked as an apprentice at a Tattoo Parlor in Newark, New Jersey, to learn the ropes and gain professional training. She started from the scratch of life and gradually climbed the ladder of success.

After graduating from College, Tiffany moved out to Miami, Florida to continue her tattooing career and broaden her horizons. However, due to a tragic domestic homicide which took place earlier on January 18th, 2011, resulting in the loss of her aunt with whom she was living, she came back to New Jersey for good and continued her tattooing career.

Despite personal hardship, loss and other vicissitudes of life, Tiffany continues to pursue her passion to create beautiful works of art on the greatest canvas possible: the human body. She is one of the most hardworking, talented, and reputable female tattoo artists in New Jersey.

It might also interest you to know that Tiffany is an industrious and successful entrepreneur. Tattooing for 14 years, Tiffany is currently a boss and a successful owner of the largest tattoo studio in New Jersey – Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio. Her book of clientele continues to grow thereby including some VIPs such as R&B singer-Omarion, Hip hop artist-Maino, TV personality- Snooki and Justina Valentine, NFL player’s-James Ihedigbo, Ray Lucas, Nate Burleson and NBA Knicks Player-Cleanthony Early; to name a few.

Tiffany had also filmed for season 1 of reality TV show- BEST INK on the Oxygen Channel, Season 5 of Black Ink Crew on VH1, and season 1 and 2 of MTV’s “How far is tattoo far?”


"There is something in the act of having tattoos done that I love.It can be addictive. "

Lena Headey

"It’s your skin, you must decide what to do with it. Like in life, there is always a choice."

Patric Castillo

"I could look at a certain tattoo, it always reminds me of a certain time in my life."

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